What certificates do you need to work on yachts

So you want to work as a yacht chef..

First thing to think about is do you want to work on your own, running your own galley and cooking for crew and guests on your own or do you want to work as a chef as part of a bigger team


  1. Sole Chefs- you need to be able to manage the menu planning, ordering, shopping and taking care of all needs related to food on the yacht as well as of course cooking the food
  2. Crew Chefs- cooking for crew only or dual role of crew and assisting head chef with guest food
  3. Head Chef - managing at least one other chef and running all catering on the yacht, cooking, provisions, accounts, orders etc

To get a job as a chef on a yacht you must have:

1. STCW basic training which should include security awareness

Go to Google and type in STCW 2010 training and your country and it should bring up those training companies in your country who offer this course

2. ENG1 medical certificate - any doctor from this list



3. Food safety/hygiene level 2 or above - any course from level 2 upwards but qual number must be on this list



Dependent on the yacht flag and how many crew you cook for you might need this:

Ship's cook certificate – see free info site I built at www.shipscookcertificate.com

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