Using Crew Agencies, job boards and social media to find jobs


Well you are here on so have come to the right place!

We built this site to assist you in getting a job as a chef in the super yacht industry.

The competition for jobs for chefs on yahcts can be fierce so we recommend you combine registerign with reputable crew agents and applying through jobs on social media platforms like Facebook..

If you are able to travel and look in person then this is a great option and we highly recommend newcomers head to a yacht centre like Antibes or Palma in person and combine meeting agents to register in person and discuss your options, joining Facebook groups and going to yachts directly (dock walking) for jobs..

Standards and expectations are high from owners, guests and crew alike so please do your ground work before applying to jobs and start getting familiar with provisioners, local suppliers, prepare 7 guest and crew menus ready to show captains, create a portfolio file with your paperwork, certs, menus, food pics etc in it to take with you to show agents, captains etc.

The hardest thing is getting your first job but once you are in doors will open and your next job is easier to find..

Always get a reference in writing from the yacht captain so bear this in mind as its a small industry and we all a short phone call away!

Don't forget to also get confirmation of any sea time on the yachts you work on from the Captain so you can prove this if needed.

Stick it out for the full duration! Get a full season or better still a year at least on your CV.. be patient..

Be motivated, first appearances count, above all work clean in your galley and keep your stores organised and plan ahead!

Respect your fellow crew members as they are your family from now on!

Here’s to a successful season ahead for everyone.. newbies and old timers alike!