Tante Marie Culinary Academy

Tante Marie Culinary Academy to offer Assessment in Marine Cookery for Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency in line with new MCA legislation

Good news for chefs who have quals that match what MCA will accept as Accredited Prior Learning..

Tante Marie outlines on their website what options are open to chefs. You might only have to pay £240 to just do the written exam if your quals and level 2 hygiene cert are in order and acceptable to MCA

All details and costs can be found on Tante Marie website at http://www.tantemarie.co.uk/ships-cook-certificate


Accredited Prior Learning If you already hold a valid UK Ship’s Cook Certificate under the Merchant Shipping (Certificate of Ship’s Cooks) Regulations 1981 or hold professional chef qualifications, the MCA may accept these as evidence of Accredited Prior Learning and you may only need to complete certain elements in order to apply for your SCC.

FIND OUT MORE AT http://www.shipscookcertificate.com/tante-marie-culinary-academy/

Posted on Tuesday Dec 6
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