Super Yacht Crew Housing & Accommodation

So you are heading to a yachting centre to look for work and need to know what options are open to you?

Well, good news.. you are well catered for these days as compared to when we started in the industry in 1991. Back then it was a camp site in a cheap tent and a long walk into Antibes or a crew house in centre of town..

But these days you have the online world to cruise to find a good deal on a shared room, your own room or a whole studio or apartment.

So thanks to, Facebook, and other online sites you can trawl the net to find accom.

If you want to mix with other yachties and stay in a crew house then check out the listings we have compiled at

Feel free to add your comments in any listing to give feedback for others to read.

We will try to keep these up to date as possible.

Don’t forget travel safe, buy personal and travel insurance to cover your personal effects and travel and good luck with the job hunting! Team