Super Yacht Chef Menu planning

Super Yacht Chef Menu planning

We would recommend you start thinking about creating a sample menu plan for both crew food and for guest food.

This is to showcase what you like to cook and your skills and creativity in the galley.

Of course the issue will be for guest or boss or charter food you don’t yet know what they all will want to eat.

But by creating a sample 7 day menu for guests you can still incorporate a bit of all the cuisines and diets you know about into it.

The first one to get done is the crew food menu. Then the guests or charter one. 

Either choose to do a selection of dishes you would do for breakfast, lunch and dinner with examples of cakes, snakes, breads, biscuits etc under each heading or plan a day by day 7 day menu.

On larger yachts the crew will expect a larger variety of dishes.

Of course on a 35m you wont be able to create the variety that will be expected on a 75m but the crew still will want to be well fed.

So think about healthy, nutritious, mouth watering and varied food for crew!

Create  a list of salad ideas, soups, breads, cakes, snacks, beef, meat, pork, lamb, fish, vegetarian/vegan dishes for lunch and dinner.

Think about a theme evening to liven up the crews week! Thai, Mexican, Indian, Italian etc..

All of the above depends on what crew want of course. You might be on a yacht with a very active, sporty crew who juice, eat salads and low carb diets or you may have crew members who want meat and 2 veg type food..

Sushi, pizza nights, paella, curries, bbq’s all go down well!

Thanks to chef Alberto for a copy of his sample crew menu.. click on it to open the pdf