Seaman’s book and sea service testimonials

What is it? A seaman’s discharge book is a full record of a seaman’s career experience and certification.

We recommend you apply for a seaman's book when you get your first job on a yacht and keep a record of all sea time that is signed by your captain.

Why? Well firstly as a seaman you can get better flight deals and luggage allowance and secondly more importantly you can travel more easily with the seaman's book as most countries will allow you as a seafarer to enter their country if on work purposes.

With Covid now an issue having a Seamans Book will enable you to travel to join a yacht when Joe Public isnt allowed to, so its worth having!

Also by keeping a record of sea time you will have an official record and can use this when applying for certain certification like the Ships Cook Certificate as the MCA wants to see proof of at least one months sea time if you apply for the SCC.

Every flag state has its onw version so when you start your first job would recommend you apply.

Further Info on what  various flagged vessels and Seaman Book

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