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Nautilus has agreed to offer all YachtChefs.com chefs a great discount on annual membership. 

ONLY EUROS 145 PER YEAR SUBSCRIPTION - SAVING OF EUROS 85 FOR ALL YachtChefs.com chefs who register!

Yachts can vary a great deal in size, but the largest superyachts have substantial crews including hotel and catering staff.

Today's superyachts are crewed by experienced maritime professionals qualified under the IMO Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) convention. And they are increasingly interested in joining a professional body such as Nautilus, which offers them the kind of professional support and certificate protection they need.

Any yachting professional can become a Nautilus member, regardless of their country of nationality or residence. They can be yachtmasters (skippers), ship's officers (navigation and engineering), and senior service staff such as the chief steward, as well as interior crew in all roles, and deckhands.





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