Job scams, beware...

So here's the basic rules..

If a job seems to be too good to be true it is likely to not be a real job!

If  the salary and package are unbeliveable then it could actually be unbeliveable for a reason!

Rule1: make sure you can verify who has posted the job. If it is posted for a company then make sure the email address in the advert is that of the company and not a private gmail or hotmail account. We recommend you Google search any email address and see what results come up. Quite often scammers use the same or similar emails to real companies so if you Google search you should find other scam examples to give you a heads up

If someone is posting a job claiming they are a captain and they dont have a email ask yourself why dont they have any official email. Also if it is a company who has posted the job and the dont ask you to send to a company email then ask yourself why? eg is a real email as if you type in to google you get a real website.

Rule 2: do not under any cicumstances send your bank account, credit/debit card, passport or personal details to anyone until you have completed your interview, been offered a job, received your SEA contract and have verified it is a real job

Rule 3: finally do not ever, ever pay for a recruitment agency to help you get a job. Its illegal in the EU and around most of the world. Do not send any money for visas or travel costs either!

So use your common sense at all times.. 

Stay vigilent!

The Team