Job Interviews - prepare to succeed

  1. Interview preparation and technique is important, if you are to get the job you want, with the yacht or company you want.
  2. Always allow plenty of time to get to your job interview, making sure you are suitably dressed
  3. Have a list of questions ready for the interviewer and a note pad, shows you are interested in the job
  4. You will need to distinguish yourself from the other applicants at an interview and the easiest way is to have prepared some research on the yacht/company and what they offer
  5. Have an idea of the type and size of yacht/operation you would like to work in and check their brochures or website to ensure they operate in the country or region you would like to work in.
  6. Always look at the interviewer when speaking to them and do not be afraid to ask questions or ask them to repeat a question if you did not understand it.
  7. If you do not know the answer to a question it is better to say “I am sorry, I do not know the answer” rather than try to bluff your way through.
  8. Most interviewers will be with people who have done yacht, seasonal and yacht industry work themselves, so they will be able to offer advice but will spot a bluffer easily!
  9. Take notes during the interview and make sure you write down the details of the package and take these away with you, as you will not remember all the details if you have more than one interview in a day. You might make the wrong choice because of a mistake in your interpretation of a yacht/company’s package from memory!