Health & Safety Tips and Advice

  • Ensure you keep your travel/trip/itinerary details with friends/family in case of emergency
  • Always be happy that the yacht’s safety equipment is functional and that you have been trained in its use
  • Always work within your own limitations so as not to risk your own and other crews’ safety
  • When working on sailing or motor yachts be sure that you are comfortable with placing your life in the hands of the skipper and that they have the experience to manage the size of boat/yacht you will be working on
  • You must always have or know where your lifejacket is when onboard
  • Take care with the quantity of alcohol consumed when onboard as this could jeopardise your and other people’s lives
  • Be aware of the location and use of the VHF radio and emergency flares
  • Smoking is usually not permitted whilst onboard because of the fire risk