Data Protection, personal information and security

Protecting Your Personal Information During Your Job Hunt

There are many online options for you to look at when job hunting and all of them involve some degree of you posting your personal data online.

Here are a few simple things to think about to help safeguard and protect your personal data:

  1. if you are on a website and asked to complete a form, upload any documents or enter any kind of personal info make sure the site is secure. eg look at the URL and make sure it begins with HTTPS://
  2. secure sites will have a 'lock' symbol in the url or the https:// before the website name eg look at the top of this site and you can see its URL is 
  3. we pay to ensure our site is secure and your data is therefore safe
  4. if it isnt a secure site then ask yourself why is it not secure, who owns this site and why havent they built it using a secure site if they are asking you to input your own data onto the site
  5. we recommend you dont use any website that isnt secure, but of course thats your choice!
  6. if a site asks you to upload a CV then make sure there is an option to delete the CV if you want to delete it
  7. anyone who collects personal data from you must be data protection registered. If they are not and there is no mention of Data Protection Registration on the website then we recommend you dont use that site. 
  8. in the UK and Europe there are laws to protect your data use and all websites must have a policy for you to look at regarding your privacy, data proeection and the terms of use for the site.
  9. if the website has no mention on it of data proection registration, a privacy policy or terms of use for all users then avoid it