Create an Individual Profile

At we understand that when you are first starting out your CV can feel a little light. Employers are looking for more than a candidate with the right grades and work experience, they want to recruit someone who has the right cultural fit for their business too.

So how do you make sure your application:

•    Highlights your skills and accomplishments
•    Makes the most of your strengths
•    Shows what motivates you
•    Gives an insight into your personality

Well you can start by taking a few minutes to register an online profile with

By answering a few specialised questions, you can develop a unique online profile that truly reflects you, your skills, quirks and what you want from an employer. You don’t need to write an essay and our form guides you every step of the way. Hey you can even provide a one minute video to really let your personality shine!

You can decide whether all our registered employers will have access to your profile or just those with jobs that you apply for. When you apply for a job via, the employer will receive your CV and will have access to your profile, giving you that extra opportunity to make a fabulous first impression.