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Welcome to our brand new website!

One of the features of our new website is that we want to give chefs access to useful links for courses & training providers as well as suppliers & provisioning companies.

So this page is for anybody who wants to get their service or product in front of the chefs who come here every day to find chef jobs!

To get your course or provisioning company listing live today please register and make sure you select the 'Client Type' relevant. Once registered click on the subscription you want to be listed under and complete the form. If you would prefer us to add your listing for you just email us at info(at) and let us know what you want doing and we will help right away!

Any questions feel free to contact us using the live chat or by email or our contact form.

For Yacht/Employer job posting, CV search or consultancy services please CLICK HERE



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Supplier & Provisioners Listing Packages

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