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Sausages & bacon!

Our specialty British sausages are homemade from fresh pork shoulder, which is minced, seasoned and stuffed into traditional hog casings.

We dry cure the loins for seven days to make traditional back bacon. Our dry-cured rashers of salty tastiness neither shrink nor ooze brine when cooked! It is possible to order bacon that's cut thick or extra thick or with the rind on. Yum!

Gluten-free or plant based!

We also cater to special diets by preparing delicious gluten free pork sausages plus lamb, beef and other non-pork and plant-based sausages!

?We all need variety in our diet! There’s little opportunity for local foraging but we aim to use the freshest seasonal vegetables for our plant-based bangers. Each batch is made by hand, depending on market availability;  hence the slight variations in colour and texture which only add to these dudes’ character. 

Our secret!

Our sausage rolls and Scotch eggs are made using the same sausage meat as our sausages. There’s no room for anything inferior in our little shop! We boil our eggs for an exact secret amount of seconds every time in order to achieve our delicious “moelleux” yolk.

?What’s in our pies? Simply what “it says on the tin”. With a shortcrust lining and a puff pastry top, our homemade pies are rich, meaty deliciousness to eat on the go or at home. How practical!