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The Nursery - Microgreens & Baby Leaves
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The Nursery - Microgreens & Baby Leaves
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The Nursery

An independent, solar-powered microgreens farm
Organic principles & reusable packaging
Based in Magagnosc, France

Welcome to The Nursery!

“Since moving inland to Grasse a few years ago and starting a family, I have become very interested in growing my own food, whether it be outside in our potager or inside in pots around the house.

The Nursery came about when a friend, who was running a microgreens company nearby, decided to pack up and go travelling. I had a two-year-old and a newborn at home, but the opportunity was just too good to pass over so I took the plunge and launched The Nursery in the spring of 2021.

Both at home and for the business, I am on a constant mission to reduce my waste and plastic use. It is very important to me that the company is run as sustainably and ecologically as possible. The containers I use for packaging The Nursery’s microgreen are made of a bioplastic derived from renewable sources. The growing medium I use is coconut coir, a wholly natural and compostable fibre torn from coconut shells. My seeds are untreated and certified organic. And for clients requesting live microgreens, I will always ask that the hard-wearing plastic trays are kept and returned to The Nursery for use again in the future.”

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are essentially young plants harvested during or just after the cotyledon stage (when the first ‘true’ leaves of a plant appear). These babies are brimming with all the energy and nutrients a plant would need to grow into a successful adult plant and thus are packed full of goodness. They are high-performing superfoods in the true sense of the word and are scientifically proven to contain a much higher concentration of nutrients than their mature counterparts. They are also very versatile, offering a bountiful variety of flavour and visual appeal

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