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Le Coin des Chefs
Yacht Provisioning
Asian Supplies, Crockery/Cutlery/Tableware, Dairy, Dry Goods, Fish, Seafood & Caviar, Fruit & Veg, Galley Equipment, Meats & Game, Organic/Bio Products, Other Specialist Products, Wines & Drinks
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Le Coin des Chefs
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+ (33) 4 92 95 72 09


We ship orders to many destinations, including the Caribbean, Maldives, Dubai and even Tahiti. We will study any new destination upon request. See below map for more details.




Many of the products we offer have attracted some of the greatest chefs in the world and will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

We source products directly from producers, with no middle-men. Not only do the producers pass on their expert knowledge alongside their products, but it also allows us to fix our prices at a competitive rate.

We have built decent storage capacities – ambient, fresh and frozen – and hold large quantities of stock all year round. As a result, we can optimize purchasing costs, selling prices and offer second-to-none reactions.

We don’t pretend to be “Number one” or “The Best” or any such smug tagline. We rather focus on exchanging information with our clients and producers, listening to them, soliciting input, and being willing to improve day-after-day.

Our team, our logistics and our systems are set up to deal with the yachting industry constraints:

– We are running 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week

– Our premises (including our own cutting plant) meets strict HACCP regulations and have been awarded an EEC health and safety certificate

– We own a fleet of Multi Temp refrigerated vehicles that includes GPS trackers for precise ETAs

– We use a permanent Webchat that ensure smooth and fast communication

– Our clients can use our online ordering powerful tool to create and send orders

Contact us via email at contact@lecoindeschefs.com, by telephone at  + (33) 4 92 95 72 09 or visit the website https://info.lecoindeschefs.com/contact/