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We have a different approach to delivering service to our clients. We are not a typical provisioning company, we are looking for long term relationships with clients and we are interested in servicing the majority of your needs (not just the hard/expensive items).

Bringing ideas and principles from other industries to the super yachting world, we have an alternative proposition for you.

Founded in early 2013, our business has been created around 4 core principles:

  • Fair Pricing through partnerships
  • Local sourcing where possible
  • Responsibility
  • Technology

Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations.



We often hear that using crew to “shop” for supplies represents better value for owners. We encourage clients to look at all the costs, including;

  • Each supplier, Carrefour/Metro costs money to maintain (receipts) on [any] system.
  • TVA and VAT are not properly accounted for by many consumer retailers (and cannot easily be reclaimed).
  • Most retailers expect cash on delivery, credit terms are rarely available.
  • Large volumes of products require transportation.
  • Retailers tend not to stock all the products needed, necessitating several trips.
  • Products bought in shops/markets are often not as fresh as those found in the wholesale daily markets.
  • Time taken to shop is time not spent on board.
  • Shopping could infringe MSN hours of rest.


We have been working with clients to build standard lists of products that are regularly reordered. This includes items such as cleaning products and toiletries, where prices can be reduced through stock holding and we can deliver on a rolling basis that suits our clients.


We source all our fresh products from local suppliers. These are the same suppliers that we rely on during the high season to produce faultless guest & crew quality produce. They welcome our business through the winter and are more inclined to prioritise our customers when choices need to be made. Meat supplied direct from the butcher is usually much fresher and of higher quality than that available in retail channels, not to mention prepared as you require and packed according to your needs.


We are passionate about technology, we have built a system that allows our customers to create quotes and orders as well as easily reorder product that they have used before. It also allows us to propose great value seasonal produce that can dramatically reduce the cost of feeding the crew.