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TINY LEAF URBAN MICROGREEN FARM is a small scale indoor microgreen farm growing locally for the South Florida area. Microgreens (Micro greens) are more than just the microscopic servings of green veggies you see garnishing your dishes. If you've ever wondered what microgreens are you'll be surprised to find that they are basically the mini versions of the vegetables and herbs you love. These baby greens are harvested when they are in the cotyledon stage of their growth cycle. Meaning they are harvested when the seedling breaks open from the seed and you can see its first leaves after germination. Some microgreens are harvested at their true leaf stage, this is where you are able to identify the leaves completely as the herb or the plant it will eventually become.


Microgreens provide a wide variety of health benefits. Not only are these mini leaves great for adding flavor to your dish but they are also known to carry high levels of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that play a role in keeping your body healthy, as well as fighting off various diseases and illnesses. Research has shown that they hold up to 9 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts!