Cooking / Chef Trials - what to expect?

Many yachts will want you to cook for the captain and crew or even the owner before offering you a job.. well in theory if there is time they will.

Many captains dont have the luxury of time to do this so this all depends on many factors like is it mid-season, during a charter or boss trip and of course what experience and yacht references you have to back up your skills as a yacht chef. 

We feel that any chef trial or cooking trial should be paid along with your travel expenses to and from the trial. After all you are cooking for the crew and cpatain and providing them with a meal. 

100% for sure your travel expenses should be paid as of course any food costs which ideally they will already have provisions in the firdges for you to use. 

If you are new to yachting and struggling to find a first job then you might decide that you are happy to do a trial cooking a lunch for the captain and crew and not get paid for your time. This is your choice of course!

There is no harm in asking the crew agent or the captain before you go do a cooking trial for confirmation that your expenses and your time is to be reimbursed. At least that way you know beforehand for sure.

Be prepared beforehand.. ask the captain what cuisines, diets etc are to be catered for?

Ask them what is onboard and in stock already and be prepared to walk into the galley and have to 'freestyle' it with a 'surprise' basket or 'open the fridge and create something' scenario.

Make sure you take time to plan a menu or a dish before cooking and think about how you will plate or present your food.

Make sure you clean as you go and leave the galley and stores spotless and floor cleaned at the end!

Remember first impressions count so wear the appropriate shoes and clothing and pack loads of flavour into whatever it is they ask you to cook!

At the end fo the trial make sure you thank the host for the opportunity and ask them what the next step is in the process?

Try have some questions ready for them if they do want to discuss offering the job to you? eg what budget, using provisioners, itinerary, at anchor or in port, questions about the crew, the boss, guests, how many weeks charter, days leave, medical insurance, flight etc

Good luck!

The Team