Recent Placements has a global database of chefs ranging from Executive Chefs to Chef Couples, Sole Chefs to Crew Chefs, Head Chefs to Pastry Chefs.

From Michelin Star level cuisine to RAW Food, Gluten Free, Lactose Intolerant, Kosher, Halal, we can offer you and your owner with any cuisine!

LAND BASED CHEF JOBS: We also place chefs into land based roles so if your owner needs a chef for their home or for other land based roles please contact us

Here are some of our recent placements:

Head Chef – 113m motoryacht

Head Chef – 82m motoryacht

Head Chef – 61m motoryacht

Head Chef – 45m motoryacht

Pastry Chef – 125m motoryacht

Sole Chef – 60m motoryacht

Sole Chef – 50m motoryacht

Sole Chef -48m sailing yacht

Sole Chef – 36m motoryacht

Sole Chef – 35m motoryacht

Sole Chef – 62ft Catamaran SY

Indian Charter Chef – 65m motoryacht

2nd Chef - 115m motoryacht

Crew Chef – 110m motoryacht

Crew Chef – 88m motoryacht

Crew Chef – 78m motoryacht

Sous/Crew Chef – 82m motoryacht

If you would like us to assist you and find you the right chef please contact us via our SEND US A JOB FORM, or via email TO INFO AT YACHTCHEFS.COM or via our 24/7 captains hotline on +33 6 65 99 11 14 and we will be happy to help!



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