Chefs Available | New Consultant In USA

Dear Captain or Yacht Industry Colleague,

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and hope you have a successful 2023!

Chefs available right now!
If you are looking to recruit for a chef then contact us today as we have chefs on our Global Database who are looking for jobs right now! From head chefs to sole chefs, crew/second chefs, private or charter chefs..

Welcome Chef Danny Davies to the team!
We would also like to introduce to you our new US based Consultant to, who will be focusing on chef jobs in the US and the Caribbean.

Danny is based in South Florida. He is an ex-Yacht Chef turned land-based private estate chef. He hosts a Youtube series with Triton Magazine called Behind the Line with Chef Danny Davies. He has first hand knowledge of yacht life and what it takes to be a standout yacht chef. 

Danny will be able to handle all of your Yacht Chef recruitment needs in the US and Caribbean. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything. 

Contact Danny:
WhatsApp ?+1 (242) 464-1540

About is MLC Compliant and has successfully delivered an effective recruitment solution to the global superyacht industry since 2006.

2 Services on offer:

We offer an agency placement service for any yacht or land based roles. Perm, temp, crossing, yard work etc. Charter, private, personal, sous/crew or sole chef roles.
In 2021 we launched our website as a jobsboard for the superyacht industry offering captains and yacht management companies the option of posting their own jobs onto the website and managing the response themselves. You can choose to have your job posted 100% Confidential and your yacht name, contact info etc is not disclosed anywhere!

We can assist you with any role, anywhere round the globe! 


  • Finding the right person for your galley team can be a challenge, but we are here to help!
  • Our aim at is to ensure we know our chefs very well!
  • Firstly, so we can look after them but, most importantly when we place them with you, we know they will be the right fit for your program
  • We interview every chef we place either via video interview or ideally in person; We discuss their careers, training, food and chase references personally from their last jobs!
  • We will aim to only send between 1-3 CVs for any job we work on! You therefore don’t get CV’s flung at you but know that any chef CV we send is the right chef for your role!

 We look forward to hearing from you!

Telephone Contacts:

For jobs in the Med, Europe & UK, Middle and Far East, Indian Ocean, Pacific and Australasia contact our France based Recommended Consultant: Efrem Leigh in Antibes +33 (0)6 65 99 11 14   

For jobs in the US and the Caribbean contact our Florida based Recommended Consultant: Danny Davies in Fort Lauderdale on Whatsapp via +1 (242) 464-1540